40th 2020

40th 2020

Available on major online platforms and vinyl disk.

Track list:

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Fehér Kata, voice
Gerebenes Ede, voice
Lőrincz Imre, guitar
Könczey Jenő, keyboards
Kerezsi Csongor, bass
Kerezsi Kati, conga & percussion, backing vocal
Pál Gábor, drums

Guest artists

Hompóth Hanna, voice
Vaughn Roberts, trumpet
Éltes Áron, tenor sax
Gábor Szabolcs, alto and soprano sax


Music and lyrics: Kerezsi Kati
Arrangements: parallel lives
Brass arrangements: Vaughn Roberts
Design: Kusztos Attila
Sound engineer and producer: Marius Popa
Recordings were made in very early 2020 at Popas Production.


“I always hated birthdays. Or New Year’s Eve. They always reminded me, that time is passing by. And I felt helpless about it. I was actually anxious. I remember my 30th Birthday. It was terrible. I was sick of it for weeks. I was weeping my missed teenage life and I felt like my life is over. I choose to be a mother really early, and back then, in 2010, I felt, that after my boys will grow up, there is nothing else. There is no “Me” anymore. In my deep grieving my soul found the way out in lyrics. “Mama blues” was born. And I went through my 30th birthday fortunately. After a while, my life changed. A lot. I decided to move on.  To leave behind my anxiety. To find myself. That myself, who is not the mother or the wife, but the “Me”. Than I have found music again. Or music found me. In the last four years were born more songs. These songs are self-declarations, proves of my self-knowledge journey. Ups and downs. On this album 8 songs are published, both lyrics and music are belonging to me. Obviously the arrangements, the sound is the merit of these great musicians who accepted to accompany me on this musical journey. I’m thankful for them. And for all my other friends who pushed me not to give up, who helped me, to bring this dream to life. The dream of publishing my first Album for my 40th Birthday. And to celebrate it together with You. I hope You enjoy it. Kerezsi Kati”