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parallel lives


Located in the heart of Romania, in Sepsiszentgyörgy (Sfântu Gheorghe), parallel lives is a music project of friends. The band offers a cocktail of funk/blues/soul music. We play original songs. After the release of our first album back in 2020, a new single “Blind steps” was released on 17th of March 2022. More to come J

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Kerezsi Kati

The mother of the project. She writes the songs. At least for now. She was born on 30th of June 1980. She played on the piano and on percussion instruments in the school. After 12 years of music school, she decided to develop her economist and project management skills, and beside this management life she plays on the drums and percussion instruments as a hobby. Her double life inspired the name of the band.

Anca Pârlea

A tiny lady with a great voice. She accepted to become part of our journey. With several years of experience in music, active musician at Filarmonica Brașov, founder and leader of Anca Pârlea Band, she is a born performer.  She was one of the favorites of the TV show ”X Factor” in 2016.  


Lőrincz Imre

The magician of the chords. He plays on the guitar since the ’80-s. The Wise of the band, with his age of magical 18 and more 35 years of experience. He was member of the Bumeráng band, and the official band of the Tamási Áron Theatre. In the last years, he enjoyed the Térerő band, and a few months ago, he also enrolled to our project. We can’t imagine the parallel lives sound without his blues chords.

Sárosi Péter

There’s no sound which would escape. Magician of keyboard instruments and nice tones. With several years of stage experience. Returning artist of the biggest jazzfestivals in the country and abroad. Founder of Sárosi Péter Azara band. He enjoyed us recently.

Kerezsi Csongor

Responsible with jokes and the bass grooves. He was born in a musician family, so he had no chance, he was poisoned with good music already in the cradle. He played on the violin as a child. As a bass player, since the ’90-s, he was member of several bands / projects, such as Slang, Equinox, Saint George Quintett, nemEZ, Alias Sinatra, Éltes Áron quartett etc. At this point, he is active member of Taxi, White Betty and parallel lives. He completes the sound of the band with unique bass lines.

Pál Gábor

Our time machine. He kicks, he beats, he also can whistle in two voices. He started to play on the drums since the very young age of 15 years, as autodidact. When he grove up, he continued to develop his talent of playing with several jazz drum teachers in Hungary. Since 1994, he was playing in several bands and projects, such as Slang, Equinox, Illés Remember, Rika, Duplex, Transylmania, 4Given, Berti Barbera, Nicola, Emanuel, Analia Selis, Adrian Berinde, Teodora Enache. At this moment he is active in four projects/bands: Popas band, BRVLG, Azara and parallel lives.

Beside the basic members, depending on the event, for a full experience, occasionally we collaborate with great magicians of brass instruments as follows:

Vaughn Roberts

Vaughn is a quite recent arrival to Romania having spent the past decade travelling the world as Musical Director for Norwegian Cruise Line. An experienced arranger, his music has been performed by artists such as Steve Gadd, Dave Weckl, Norah Jones and Robben Ford. Vaughn graduated with multiple degrees from the prestigious University of North Texas in Dallas. He is excited about contributing to the creative music environment in his new home. He is active in Koszika & The HotShots as well.

Gábor Szabolcs

Music teacher and active musician. He plays on several wind&brass instruments. He is responsible with funny interesting noises and sounds in the Mozsikácska project for children. In some of our songs, You can enjoy his soprano and alto sax playing.

Éltes Áron

Also a music teacher and active musician. Founder of Éltes Áron Quartett. He plays on the saxophone from a very early childhood. He loves to play jazz, and he had a lots of gigs with several bands. He is active member of the Koszika & The HotShots band. He accepted to collaborate on our record in a few songs with his tenor sax.

Former band members: Könczey Jenő, keyboards (2019-2021)
Gerebenes Ede, voice (2019-2022), Fehér Kata, voice (2019-2023)